Best of Springfield 2016

We’ve been holding our Best of Springfield reader survey since 1985, and it has become a brand of its own. Thank goodness for technology – online voting makes counting votes much easier than the old paper ballots, which is especially helpful since the number of votes cast continues to increase every year. In the last few years, we’ve switched to a two tiered voting process. We start with an open ballot in late August, which allows readers to nominate their favorite people, places and things in the Springfield area. We tweak the subcategories each year, eliminating some with low participation or that seem to overlap with others and trying to think of new and creative categories that will spark reader interest. After some careful vetting, and a few internal arguments, we take the top vote-getters in each category and create a final ballot for voting. We received more than 26,000 nominations this year and Food and Drink was by far the most popular category, with pizza, donuts, burgers, breakfast and beer garden getting the largest number of nominations. People also told us about their favorite personal trainer and gym, but not to the extent we heard about their favorite restaurants. In any case, we hope you’ll take the time to vote for your favorites in those categories and many others as we try to identify the 2017 Best of Springfield. And then be sure to join us for our first ever Best of Springfield Party on Thursday, October 26, the day the results issue hits the streets.